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Motorola CDR500MOTOROLA CP 1660

Motorola CDR700
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Motorola CDR700

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Both the Motorola CDR500 and CDR700 repeaters
offer extensive functionality and power to help you
increase the calling range and capabilities of your
mobile or portable radios?so you can enhance
on-the-job efficiency. By receiving and resending
radio transmissions these powerful repeaters
help you extend your communication range and
maintain clear sound quality.
Packaging Include:
? Includes Housing, Power Supply, Fan Kit,
Repeater Interfacce Cables and Service Manual
? 25 Watt Continuous Duty
(for 40/45 Watt mobiles)
? 40/45/60 Watt 50% Duty Cycle
Frequency Range: VHF & UHF Low Band
Dimensions: 12.2? x 8.3? x 12.5? (310mm x 211mm x 318mm)
Weight: 28.3 Ibs. (12.8 Kg)