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BYRU R-190
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BYRU R-190

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BYRU R-190

When the ACeS system is fully operational, the R190 Satellite will give coverage to the entire Asia Pasific region.
Dual mode ACeS/GSM 900
The combination of GSM 900 and satellite coverage makes the R190 Satellite an effective communication solution. It switches automatically between satellite and GSM modes when out of coverage and can be used in any GSM 900 network in the world (withh appropriate roaming agreements/SIM card).
One number, one bill
Subscribers can use their existing GSM phone number even for calls made in satellite mode. The "one number, one bill" system means that all calls, whether GSM or satellite, are placed on the same bill. It makes administration simple and keeps coast under control. (This service is network-operator dependent.)
r190 Three network modes
The R190 Satellite has four network modes to cover all situations and preferences: GSM 900 only, Satellite preferred, and Satellite only. In the "preferred" modes, the phone will automatically switch to the alternative network if the preferred mode is not found.
Additional GSM antenna
The dual mode satellite/GSM antenna can be removed and replaced with a snap-on GSM antenna for use in GSM environments. The included GSM antenna is lighter and smaller then the satellite/GSM antenna and enchances the phone's compact profile.
Affordable Tariff
  • Flat Inbound Call: Every call to Indonesia from anywhere will be charges with same tariff.
  • Discounted Domestic Call Rate: A flat tariff from BYRU customers in satellite mode irrespective of distance.
  • Domestic Call: A flat tariff from BYRU customers to PSTN telephones throughout Indonesia. A flat tariff from BYRU customers to Cellular phones throughout Indonesia.
  • Simple Tariff: There is no distance zone (domestic).
Super GSM* is service that giving you access to the ACeS satellite network as well as roaming to GSM networks worldwide (including Indonesia's three GSM operators).
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